Fixtures are now live for Friday night’s Rebound Invitational tournament on the Sportskeep website/app.

To view your fixtures, jump online at as you normally would to check your team’s game times. Type in the name of your team. Once you press enter, you should see 2 options. One being your normal team and the second option will show your team name with your night you play and division after it. It will also have the word “Tournament” next to it. By clicking this link, you will be able to view your game times for the Rebound Invitational tournament.

Each game will consist of 2 x 9 minute halves and a 2 minute break between games. We have staggered the start times for each division to ensure that there are not large gaps between your games. Ladders will go up at the completion of each round of games so that you can track your results.

Divisions 2 & 3 will each consist of 4 teams each. Once you have played every team once, the top 2 teams will play off in the Grand Final match.

Divisions 4 & 5 will be combined and be made up of 5 teams. Each team will play each other once with the top 2 teams from Division 5 playing off in the Grand Final match. Games played against teams not in your division will not count towards your team’s overall standing.

Grand final match times are as follows:
- Div 2 @ 9:50pm
- Div 3 @ 7:50pm
- Div 4 @ 8:50pm
- Div 5 @ 9:10pm

***All teams playing, must use players that played in the season in which they won their grand final. Special allowances can be made but you must first contact the centre. Entry fees are fixed at $60 per team regardless of how many players are in the team***

There will obviously be breaks between your games so you are welcome to hang around and check out your opposition or make yourself comfortable in the Sand Bar. The bar will be open and the footy on the TV. The open courts are going to be empty also so feel free to practice or organise a bit of a game against another team. We will have some limited food options (dim sims/pies) for you to purchase if you wish.

Finally, as I’m sure you can understand, it is important that all teams arrive early for their games so that we can run the night as smoothly as possible. Please ensure that your game fee is paid prior to starting your first match. Teams who are late will incur a 1 point per minute penalty against their team.
Late withdrawals from the tournament at this point in time create massive headaches for fixturing and staffing. A lot of work goes into organising an event like this. Please follow through with the commitment that you have given us to compete in this tournament.

We will be sending out a SMS to confirm the start time of your first game shortly. Please reply to this text with the words OK to confirm that you will be there for the first game. We also reserve the right to alter fixtures if necessary (eg. if a team withdraws at late notice) but will contact any teams affected.

If you have any further queries, please call the centre on 5222 4400 to discuss.

We are really looking forward to hosting you and finding out who can claim the bragging rights as the best team in the centre. See you Friday!

Good Luck!!!