Rebound Invitational Final Details

Ok, by now everyone should’ve had a chance to look at fixtures for the rebound invitational and know exactly when their first game will commence. Given that we haven’t had any feedback, we will assume that there are no issues there. We cannot stress how important it is to arrive on time for your first game. Also, late withdrawals from the tournament at this point in time create massive headaches for fixturing and staffing. Please follow through witht he commitment that you have given us.

I just wanted to touch base one last time to let you know that we will have our rebound coach Jamie Miller conducting some drills and training on the open courts throughout the night. You will be able to join in here between your games and hopefully learn a few extra skills relating to rebound beach volleyball. He will also be able to let any interested parties know about some exciting tournaments that are coming up.

We are really looking forward to hosting you and finding out who can claim the bragging rights as the best team in the centre. See you next Friday!