Firstly, congratulations on Qualifying for the Vic Beach Geelong Rebound Invitational.

All teams who have qualified for this event have won their respective Grand Final for the past summer season. Now in its 4th season, the aim is to determine who the best Division 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 teams are across all nights of competition at Vic Beach. The winner will receive a trophy to take home but will also have their name engraved on the Perpetual Rebound Invitational trophy which is to be kept on display, and become a part of Vic Beach history.



The Rebound Invitational Tournament will be held on Friday the 13th April. Games will commence from around 6pm. 


Please let someone at the front counter know when you are in next or submit your team application here 
Please note in the comments section that it is for the Rebound Invitational. You can also reply to the text you will receive. Please let us know ASAP if you intend to enter as a lot of work goes into fixturing the tournament.


All teams will be pooled together in their relevant divisions and play a round robin format. Each team will play every team from their respective division only once. Once everybody has played each other once, the top 2 teams from each division will play off in the Grand Final to determine who the best team is.

***In some instances divisions may be combined in order to allow teams to play an extra number of games on the night. In this instance, only results against teams from your same division will count. You can consider the other games as practice rounds***

Games will be made up of 2 x 9 minute halves with 2 minutes between games. The team with the highest score at the end of the allotted game time will be the winner. 4 points will be awarded for a win with no bonus points being awarded for a set.

 Drawn pool games will be considered a draw. Each team will receive 2 points for a draw.

Ladders will be posted at the conclusion of each round or games so you can keep up to date with your current standings.

Teams that are level on points at the end of pool matches will be separated by percentage to determine who goes through to the Grand Final.

In the case of a drawn Grand Final, 2 minutes of extra time will be played. If scores are tied at the end of the 2 minutes, then another 2 minutes will be played. This will continue until a winner is decided.


Whilst your team is not playing, the bar facilities will be open (and air con turned to max). Please feel free to relax with a beverage or alternatively, you can suss out your next opposition on the court.

Please be on time for your games so that all games may run on time. Any teams who are late for a game will incur a 1 point penalty per minute that they are late.


Cost of entry is $60 per team, regardless of how many players you will be playing with.